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The town hall  and public library are open :  Tuesday  9h -12h and  14h -19h   (tél., Fax: 07)

The nearest doctor: is in  Bédarieux (e.g: cabinet médicale, 6 maison de la ville (tel. 04 67 95 12 52)  next door to the arcade connecting the main road and the marketplace or emergency department of the clinic opposite railway station. (tel.04 67 95 56 56).

Tourist Board  in Bédarieux next to the Mediathek and the museum; Information about regional events available. 19, av. Abbé Tarroux, 34600 BEDARIEUX , tél.:, Fax:

Village fairs are announced in the display cabinet next to the well. 

Vending car:
bakery on Tuesday-, Friday- and Sunday morning around  11h
fishmonger on Tuesday around lunchtime.

Bédarieux Monday morning 
Clermont l’Hérault Wednesday morning
Pézenas Saturday all day.

 Markets of the region
Monday Bédarieux, Valras-Plage Market in Clérmont l'Hérault
Tuesday Lamalo-les-Bains, Saint-André-de Sangonis, Saint-Pargoire
Wednesday Clérmont-l'Hérault, Sête
Thursday Agde, Aniane, Frontignan, Paulhan
Friday Béziers, Montagnac, Sête, Saint-André-de Sangonis
Saturday Le Bousquet d'Orb, Gignac, Lodève, Paulhan, Pézenas, Vias
Sunday Bessan, Frontignan, Lunel, Mèze, La Grande-Motte, Salasc (July and August)

é and Hyper-U in Bédarieux and Clérmont l'Hérault

Disposal Services: yellow bin: Tuesday morning; residual waste (brown bin) Friday morning; glass container at village entrance

Hunting season:
mainly wild boar is hunted in the area between August 15th and February 15th  (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)
Hunting is an old tradition here, used as a means of reducing the damage in agriculture. Respect to the hunters who mainly built and maintain the roads they share.